Prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine Naturally


Module 1

N.O.T. MODULE 1 (formerly called “Foundation”) - 3 days : 24 hours  

Pre-Requisite: Anatomy and Physiology (min 40hrs); 100 hrs General Kinesiology training or equivalent; Hyperton-X / Sports Kinesiology Basic; and maturity and life’s experience - personal and professional  

RPL is available to those who successfully undertake the Module 1 written examination - the entry requirement for Module 2.  

This is a THEORY ONLY CLASS, a prerequisite for studying the 6 day N.O.T.  2 class, the Basic practical techniques workshop.

After receiving many requests from past students for further information, in 1998 Trevor produced a manual called, "Foundation For N.O.T."  which is the manual for N.O.T. 1 to make N.O.T. more accessible and easier to learn. This is designed to minimize students from experiencing any overwhelm due to a large volume of material to be covered during the training. Module 1 will give the students tools to learn N.O.T. better. This enables them to put the N.O.T. jigsaw puzzle together in a most effective way.  It
enabling students to grasp a greater amount of the workshop material the first time through.

It is ideal for practitioners in the health therapy field to undertake the complete Module 1 & 2 Seminars as part of their clinical repertoire. 

This is also for those interested in exploring N.O.T. as part of their Kinesiology and other professional training.

It is essential for those who have already studied N.O.T. but hitherto unable to understand completely and to utilize it confidently.  

Designed to provide background information as to “why you do what you do”, you can add this knowledge to your clinical menu when treating people with various symptoms.  


Background and history of N.O.T.

Anatomy and Physiology applicable to N.O.T.

Neuro Anatomy and Physiology applicable to N.O.T.

Relevant Applied Kinesiology and Hyperton-X muscle testing techniques, ie. HYPOTONIC and HYPERTONIC testing and correction

Relevant Acupuncture point information

Category I, II, III from S.O.T Chiropractic

Temporo-Mandibular Joint (T.M.J.) and muscles – anatomy & physiology


Theory of Protocols covered in N.O.T. Module 2: 

  • Atlas stability / heel tension
  • Leg length
  • Gravity Reflexes
  • Cloacals and Gaits
  • Cranial / Head Injury Complex (C.I.C)
  • Limbic / Immune System
  • T.M.J. (Universal, Digestive, Defensive, Chronic Valves, Hiatal Hernia, Structural, Lumbar Disc involvement)  

All registered students will receive on completion of class:  

  • A comprehensive course manual.
  • A Certificate of Attendance after successful examination. 

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"I found the Foundation For N.O.T course to be absolutely inspirational and it has got me practising more of the N.O.T. technique with my clients. After my first Module 1 N.O.T course I was a bit overwhelmed by all the knowledge and had found it very difficult to assimilate. The Foundation N.O.T course has not only cemented some of the principles for me in the Module 1 N.O.T but has given me both enthusiasm and a measure of confidence which I never would have thought possible, thank you so much Trevor."  

Debbie Pannowitz, Sydney NSW 2003  

“The N.O.T. Foundation was an absolute god-send when I came across it in June 2003. The information I was longing to find was all there in a bound manual I could hardly believe it. It provided me with such knowledge which explained in depth why I was doing what I was doing. N.O.T. Foundation pulled together the Basic and Advanced N.O.T., which I did in 2001, in a cohesive way. It also gave me confidence and further faith in the use of N.O.T. I would highly recommend it. I would go so far as to say that without the Foundation you cannot be a proficient N.O.T practitioner.”

Jennifer Kusmenko, Melbourne 2003