Prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine Naturally


What is N.O.T.?
Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.) is one of the most complete and one of the most powerful treatment programs in Holistic Medicine in the world today.

It has drawn on knowledge acquired from research in:

  • Applied Kinesiology - A.K. (Dr George Goodheart DC, Dr David Walther DC);
  • Touch For Health - T.F.H. (Dr John Thie DC);
  • Sacro Occipital Technique - S.O.T. (Dr Major De Jarnette DC);
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy - C.S.T. (Dr John Upledger DO);
  • Chiropractic (Dr David Palmer DC);
  • Neuro Lymphatic Reflexes - N.L. (Dr Frank Chapman DO);
  • Bennett’s Reflexes or Neuro Vasculars - N.V. (Dr Terence Bennett DC);
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming - N.L.P. (Richard Bandler, John Grinder)
  • Holistic Dentistry (Drs W.A. Price, H. Huggins, G. Meinig, J. Char, H. Gelb, J. Witzig DDS; Dr Sam Queen, Dr Eric Davis and observations made by Trevor Savage ND over 25 years)
  • Acupuncture;
  • Nutrition;
  • Anatomy & Physiology; and
  • Observations made by Dr Carl A. Ferreri DC. Ph.C, the developer and founder of N.O.T., over 50 years as a research Chiropractor.

Philosophy of N.O.T.

The underlying philosophy of N.O.T., on the scientific level, is that in order to understand how our basic physiological functions work today, we must look to our primitive origins. We were after all, created to exist and survive in a hostile environment. Therefore, essentially everything we need for survival, with the exception of food, air and water, must be found within the body itself. It is a self-healing, self-regulating, self-perpetuating (replacing its own tissues) mechanism. These mechanisms, by their very nature, must be inborn or innate, integrated and fully automatic from the very beginning of life. Physical or emotional trauma and poor diet can disturb these automatic functions. N.O.T. has been found to be a key to understanding many of these relationships.

In 1979, Dr Ferreri recognized the importance of the survival systems of feeding; fight/flight/fright; reproduction; and the limbic/immune systems of the human body. He recognized that there was neurological priority in the way the body worked. He began to explore this concept very deeply and developed the programs that are the blueprint of the body’s neurology.

Current Model

The current model of reality for most, so called, health care today actually focuses on sickness and pain, not wellness. It is as if health was just the absence of disease. The usual treatment is by drugs (chemical), surgery (structural), and radiation (kill the bad cells). This does not focus on the cause of the problem, only the symptoms.

N.O.T. attempts to treat the cause, the whole person, and work with what the body tells us is out of balance. If you have pain, the reason why you have pain is far more important than the fact that you do have pain. Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong! N.O.T. recognizes that wellness can only occur when we have a harmoniously functioning nervous system, and prevention rather than cure is the approach a person chooses. N.O.T. focuses on correcting problems before they manifest as a health problem.


N.O.T. is based in the art and science of Applied Kinesiology and using an intact Indicator Muscle we can use it as a very accurate diagnostic tool for neurological biofeedback. This is both informational and educational. This allows us to have a continual monitor of our progress in the treatment procedure. We can say that N.O.T. is organized Applied Kinesiology.

An intact indicator muscle is of paramount importance in N.O.T. If we did not have the muscle response testing tool we would not have discovered much more about the body than everyone already knew about 40 years ago.

We are grateful to Dr George Goodheart DC, Dr John Thie DC, Dr Sheldon Deal DC, Dr David Walther DC and many other Chiropractors for researching the original muscle testing procedures of Physical Therapists, Kendall, Kendall and Wadsworth, who wrote about muscle testing in the late 1930’s.

Dr Goodheart DC was able to take this information and add the Neuro Vasculars from Dr Terence Bennett DC and the Neuro Lymphatic Reflexes found by Dr Frank Chapman DC in the early 1930’s. First we had Touch For Health, developed in the early 1970’s by Dr John Thie DC, who added the Acupuncture dimension to Applied Kinesiology, and now there are over 100 different Kinesiology courses taught around the world. And N.O.T. is one of the most complete courses when it comes to clinical practice.

Although Dr Goodheart, Dr Thie, Dr Ferreri and many other Kinesiology pioneers are now deceased many qualified trainers around the world still teach their work.  Their work will never die.