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I believe every practitioner should do Hyperton-X and Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.) before they touch another human being in practice"

Dr Patrick Rozanski DC, Nambour QLD, after September 2007 workshop in Brisbane


“This was the most instructive and entertaining workshop I've participated in. All of the material taught will be integrated in my treatments, benefiting all of my patients.

I wish to thank Trevor and Jennifer for their highly instructive workshop and hope to be able to participate in further workshops."

Klaus Rennebarth, the Shiatsu Man, Hyperton-X/Sports Kinesiology Dec. 2007 class


“Learning N.O.T, with Trevor Savage was a brilliant experience.

He is a combination of an instructor with not only incredible experience & knowledge, but an outstanding ability to teach and communicate! 

While learning one of the most brilliant Kinesiology systems in the world, N.O.T,  I gained an amazing amount of knowledge of the body and mind; at the same time, received major healing.

Although I use other Kinesiology systems in my practice, combining N.O.T and Hyperton-X are my main-stays with massage, and create a system's that get brilliant results, and happy clientele.

My N.O.T story:


Before N.O.T:

Due to a number of horse riding accidents & head injuries, & over lifting, I would regularly get migraines that sent me to the floor & kept me there until the "drugs" took effect. As well, the severe shoulder & neck muscle cramping, which would swap from side to side within minutes, would regularly limit my activities.  Good Chiropractors and masseurs were a blessing in my life, and I was a blessing to them.  

After N.O.T.

Sad news for chiropractors and masseurs, they rarely ever see me anymore.

And really, really sad new for the Panadol & other drug companies!


Before N.O.T:

Studying with Trevor, gave me a whole new perspective on my "brain" & my lack of memory retention, difficulties in learning, etc.  I knew I wasn't "stupid", and what confused me more was I could look back through my life (50 +) and see drastic changes in my ability to memorize (besides ageing), learn etc. I was paranoid in a class room, and yet had the ability to somehow slog through & pass exams. But why the horrific challenge & paranoia? I did not really correlate this with the fact that from the age of two, my life evolved around horses. Horses weren't our hobby, they were our lives, working & pleasure.

ENTER TREVOR SAVAGE & N.O.T.!! Only with Trevor's amazing knowledge and ability, did I finally understand what was going on with my "brain", and have some hope of changing my learning patterns. I realized I had received head injuries quite young with falls from horses, and that just because I could get up & walk away (except on two really bad falls) didn't mean I was "JUST FINE"!

After N.O.T.

WOW!  Did that ever change my life. My "two" brains correlate, they don't switch on and off, they talk to each other, they are ecstatic that they can communicate!   

NOT & Integrative Kinesiology changed my ability to memorize and learn, it reorganized my brain, and I have been able to let go of "my learning paranoia"!

Thank-you Trevor Savage, big time!”

Jane K. Lamperd TAS 2007


“I commenced training in N.O.T after spending over 20 years as a professional mental health practitioner. I was attracted to the training as it has strong science based theory underpinning its application. I find that N.O.T. provides me with treatment options outside of the medical monopoly now being imposed on Mental Health Service, and is attractive to clients wishing for alternatives to medication based therapy. I have found that N.O.T. fits well with a commonsense and pragmatic approach to health.

I find the instructors, Trevor Savage and Jennifer Kusmenko, are well informed, professional, humorous and energetic. During the course they provide comprehensive instruction and information in a manner that instills confidence in participants.

I recommend N.O.T. for any health practitioner wishing to extend their knowledge and challenge their frameworks.”

Stephen Brooks, RN, Grad Dip of Science QLD 2007


“Approximately 12 years ago I did the N.O.T. Basic and Advanced seminars in Brisbane with Trevor Savage. I found Trevor to be an excellent and dynamic teacher. I was so impressed with N.O.T. protocols I repeated the seminars with Dr. Carl Ferreri, the originator of N.O.T.

I have found N.O.T. protocols to be an excellent foundation treatment for all clients regardless of their presenting symptoms...............................N.O.T is the best system I have found for recovery from accidents and trauma.

I would highly recommend anyone with adequate basic training in Natural Therapies and Kinesiology to train with Trevor Savage and become a competent N.O.T. practitioner.”

Barry Watson ND, Remedial Masseur, BhSc (Comp. Med) 2007



by Dr Linda Hanson (PhD) (M. Couns) (BHs. Hom) 

The knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the body that underpins N.O.T. are complex.  Systems that interlink at common points trigger other systems and remotely activate seemingly unrelated sequences in the ever emerging, quantum- level mysteries of the human body.  Truly fearfully and wonderfully made, the body holds many secrets that science has not yet discovered.   Dr Carl Ferrari DC was able to decode many of those systems and work with them in their natural rhythms and flows.  

A practitioner not a writer, he was a “doer” not a “writer”, so he passed his knowledge to his students through demonstrations.   Students learned watching his techniques and learning from his wisdom that often manifested when he was asked questions that required him to delve deeper into his wisdom, knowledge and understanding not only of the anatomy and physiology of the physical but also how intricately the body worked with its interlinked energy systems simultaneously triggering and being triggered by internal and external stimuli.

Students who learned from Carl absorbed so much just from being there, watching what he did, sharing in the insights and understanding that following the protocols could give results that were visibly repeatable.  Many students can still hear Carl’s voice with his distinctive delivery reminding them of his influence in their lives.

But, not everybody could enjoy that blessing.   So Carl and Trevor worked together to create a written record of his protocols that were simple, easy to understand that could be used as course manuals when Carl was not close to hand.  Though the protocols were simple the principles behind them were so very complex. To honour the integrity of the body’s systems and energy flows, Carl was adamant that the protocols be applied in the order as he demonstrated in the class to achieve the results he knew were possible within the wisdom and the power of the Neural Organization Technique.

This was a work in progress for many years as Carl and Trevor became great friends and he trusted Trevor to honour his work and teach it as he himself taught it, with respect, attention to detail, and repetition, repetition, repetition, which is part of Carl’s mantra.  Each protocol is repeatable, at will, every time, because it follows the body’s natural energy flows that manifest through the physical. 

Carl taught not only the protocols but the understanding of the purpose and results of the protocols, which made N.O.T. a very powerful modality. Carl passed away on 19th May 2007.  Before his retirement, he handed over the responsibility to continue his great work to Trevor Savage ND from Cashmere, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


By Dr Patrick Rozanski DC., N.D., D.O. (Syd) B Sc (ANU) 

PO Box 222, Imbil, Qld


I have known Trevor Savage ND since 1980. Since 2005 I have been studying HYPERTON-X Sports Kinesiology and N.O.T – Neural Organization Therapy, with Trevor Savage. I have completed all modules and repeated all required studies by December 2015.

Trevor studied with Frank Mahony in 1985 in USA and subsequently became the appointed Instructor Trainer for his great program.

Trevor also studied N.O.T. for the first time in Sydney on Carl Ferreri DC’s first Australian visit in September 1989. His studies with Carl continued each year until 1999, Carl’s last visit to Australia. In 1995 Dr Ferreri appointed Trevor the Instructor Trainer for the world after Trevor had rewritten all his N.O.T. Manuals for non-Chiropractors.

I found Trevor’s teaching to be well documented, referenced and systematically taught in an easy to learn professional, clear and unambiguous manner. He uses the well-tried ‘see it’, ‘hear it’, ‘and do it’ method.

If you want a sound practical knowledge of HYPERTON-X and N.O.T. I highly recommend studying with Trevor Savage.

So many people have symptoms and health problems which seemingly can’t be explained or corrected by any known methods. This is where HYPERTON-X and /or N.O.T. can be the solution – in a short time frame. What I have learnt from Trevor has been and is of great benefit in my Clinic.

Patrick Rozanski D.C., N.D., D.O. 17th February 2016.



Mentor Trevor Savage ND is a great and wonderful big hearted

Kinesiology Instructor in the world.    

Since I learned HYPERTON-X Sports Kinesiology, N.O.T. and Integrative Kinesiology, I have dramatically changed my Kinesiology sessions and the results, and improved my Kinesiology technical skills.

Now I am preparing to start teaching his Integrative Kinesiology class in Japan and USA from 2016. 

I really thank Mentor Savage and his wife Mrs. Jacklyn for all their assistance.

I have translated all his Manuals into Japanese.

Masato Nakamura IKCPK

17th February 2016

Nakamura Kinesiology Institute Founder

Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology Instructor (Original Japanese)

Diploma/Proficiency of N.O.T. (Original Japanese)

Integrative Kinesiology Instructor (Original Japanese)

IKC Professional Kinesiologist (Original Japanese)

Body Practice Founder