Prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine Naturally


N.O.T. Today
Those  clinicians who have already implemented N.O.T. into their practice would already know the power of Dr Ferreri's work.

Neural Organization Therapy is taught through t
he Academy of Applied Bio-Neurology Australasia, and it incorporates the latest research into anatomy and physiology, neurology, chiropractic neurology, muscle physiology, dental anatomy and physiology, neurotransmitters, psychoneuroimmunology and nutrition.

A Continuing Education Program for Professionals the N.O.T. seminars, as a new health paradigm in Prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine, are designed to focus on professionals from varying backgrounds, such as, medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, myotherapists, etc.

For competency and professional training in Australasia an N.O.T. practitioner must attain the Diploma of Proficiency.

Diploma of Proficiency 

To qualify to attain the Diploma of Proficiency a student must:  

  • Complete Module 1 plus Modules 2 & 3 x 3 (354 hours in total)
  • Submit a 2000-word thesis on aspects of N.O.T that they have personally researched
  • Written examination (100% pass mark)
  • Oral and Practical examination for approximately 1 hr to determine competency in the use of the N.O.T protocols
  • Submit 10 case studies / histories and treatments using only N.O.T.

Please contact the Instructor Trainer for further information.

For Kinesiologists

Neural Organization Therapy is Approved and Accredited with Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (A.I.K.), and is a 354-hour Kinesiology Stream.

We look forward to meeting you in a seminar in your country in the near future.

Tribute to Carl  (November 10, 1928 - May 19, 2007) 

Dr Carl A. Ferreri DC. PhC. passed away at 3pm on Saturday the 19th of May 2007 after suffering ill health since 2002.

"Our sincere condolences go out to the families of Carl. Success of a man's life is judged by what he leaves behind and how well he's remembered by those remaining on this planet. He has indeed left a legacy which all the Neural Organization Therapists can be proud of and he will be remembered well."

Jennifer Kusmenko

"Carl Ferreri grew up in Lawrence, New York.   He built his own house by hand, including much of the furniture in it.  His ability to take on  the role of single father to raise his family, study, work, research, and develop N.O.T. showed the quality of the man.  If he set his mind to it, it happened.  Carl Ferreri lived all his life in New York and after studying as a Chiropractor, built his Chiropractic clinic in Brooklyn.  He studied over 200 advanced seminars, separate from his Chiropractic studies, from which he drew the background and information for N.O.T.  He was often controversial among his peers but he gained their respect for his dedication and persistence.  He was a living legend in the last 50 years.  Carl’s dedication to relieving the suffering of humanity was his trademark. During his professional career he taught hundreds of practitioners around the world who in turn influenced thousands in a positive way.  His initial visit to Australia gave me the opportunity to study with him and eventually introduce N.O.T. to the non-chiropractic world, for which I am forever grateful.

During the last 5 years unfortunately Carl suffered undeservedly and was taken at 3pm on Saturday 19th May New York time.  Carl Ferreri will be remembered as a very special person by those whose lives he touched.  His work will be a tribute to him forever."

Trevor K. Savage ND