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N.O.T. History in Australia

Dr Carl
Ferreri DC, Ph.C. (Dec'd) was a Chiropractic Kinesiologist working from his practice in Brooklyn, New York where he had been for nearly 50 years.  During his first 30 years or so he practised Chiropractic, however, he was looking for better results for his clients and so he studied many different modalities to increase his knowledge to assist him with his patients.

During the early 1980's he discovered many things, not previously known about how the human body works. 

Being a Chiropractor for over 45 years he was given a great opportunity to learn from many other practitioners from all areas of health care, including Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition, (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming, Massage, Dentistry, Sacral-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.), Touch For Health (T.F.H.), Applied Kinesiology (A.K.), Hyperton-X as well as many different divisions of Chiropractic. As a result he developed over many years a leading-edge technique which he called N.O.T - Neural Organization Technique - a Technique to Organize the Nervous System by hand.

Quote from Carl

"In September 1989 I traveled to Sydney, Australia and introduced N.O.T. to that great country "down under" as we say in New York.    I met a Naturopathic Kinesiologist from Brisbane in the State of Queensland, Trevor Savage ND, who had been in the Touch For Health / Kinesiology teaching field at that time for 10 years.    He studied with me and introduced me to the non-Chiropractic Kinesiology world and in 1996 became the first Certified N.O.T Instructor in the world.   A number of fellow practitioners later became instructors in Australia.

Through Trevor's introductions we are now teaching N.O.T. in The Middle East, Indonesia, Europe, North America, South America, England and Australia where he was a yearly sponsor of our program.  He also rewrote my manual for all the non-chiropractic kinesiologists around the world.

If you are a chiropractor, medical doctor, dentist, nurse, physiotherapist, naturopath, body worker, or a qualified kinesiologist and would like to learn how to optimize your treatments for conditions ranging from Allergies to ADD / ADHD to Dyslexia to Scoliosis, Immune Disorders to Endocrine and Circulatory disorders contact Trevor today and arrange to attend a Seminar in your own country."

Carl Ferreri DC

Trevor Savage’s History with N.O.T. (Neural Organization Technique)

Trevor first became aware of Dr Ferreri’s book “Breakthrough For Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities” at a Touch For Health World Conference at the University of San Diego California in 1985. 

After suffering from a serious head injury from a road accident when he was 21, he was always looking for ways to improve brain performance, having been a straight A student at high school and winning a Scholarship to attend Technical College.  In 1985 Trevor had completed a Naturopathic Diploma that included 3 years of Chiropractic study, which at that time was included in the Diploma and before Chiropractic Registration.  He could have been “grandfathered” in as were some of his fellow students who were successful in their application.  After learning Kinesiology he preferred the gentler method. He was able to attend Dr Carl Ferreri’s N.O.T. Seminar in Sydney in 1989 and continued to study with him over the following years including travelling to Brooklyn in 1995 to study the Advanced N.O.T.

While in Brooklyn Trevor sponsored Dr Ferreri into the now defunct IASK (International Association of Specialised Kinesiologists) in the USA, which has allowed thousands of Kinesiologists in many countries around the world, including Brazil, Europe and the U.K. to become aware of N.O.T. and to attend training Seminars.  At the 1995 IASK Conference in St Louis Missouri Dr Ferreri announced Trevor to be the First N.O.T. Instructor Trainer for the World after Dr Ferreri. Under Dr Ferreri’s auspices Trevor implemented the Diploma of Proficiency as the qualification standard to become a NOT Practitioner. To authenticate this Dr Ferreri authorised Trevor to have a rubber stamp of his signature made so as to stamp all genuine Certificates and Diplomas along with Trevor’s signature as Instructor Trainer. The genuine N.O.T. Manuals show Dr Ferreri’s photos demonstrating the N.O.T. protocol moves.

During 1994 and 1995 Trevor took on the huge task of re-writing the N.O.T. Manuals for the world of Non-Chiropractic Kinesiologists and other health professionals.  400 hours later the N.O.T. Manuals were completed, and with Dr Ferreri’s blessing during the 1995 Seminar in Australia it is now being used in all countries around the World where N.O.T. is taught.

Trevor was also instrumental in assisting Dr Ferreri to establish N.O.T. International Organization and he was appointed the Vice President of N.O.T. International (Australia) by Dr Ferreri in February 1997 at his Gold Coast Australian Seminar.  

Dr Carl Ferreri DC passed away in May 2007.  After he died a close relative whom Trevor had met in New York phoned him and thanked him for continuing with Dr Ferreri’s work.  With a few additions such as HYPERTON-X Sports Kinesiology, Nutrition, Holistic Dentistry, Allergy correction and Phobia release Trevor now teaches 4 classes for N.O.T. - Neural Organization Therapy over many more days.

Trevor now has a Chiropractor in Japan Dr Masato Nakamura translating the HYPERTON-X and N.O.T. Manuals and INTEGRATIVE KINESIOLOGY Manuals and a Professor of Physiotherapy translating the HYPERTON-X Manual into their own country’s language.  These programs will last!