Prevention and Rehabilitation Medicine Naturally


Certified Instructors


 Trevor Savage ND
(N.O.T. Diplomate, Instructor Trainer,
L.M.A.I.K. Fellow)

I have been involved in Kinesiology since I first learned Touch For Health. I attended the first Touch For Health Workshop taught in Australia in 1979 in Brisbane. I have continued to use Kinesiology in all its forms ever since, practicing and teaching in Australia, New Zealand, mainland USA, Hawaii and Alaska.

I introduced a number of Kinesiology programs to Australia in the early 1980’s and taught others around the country after I learned them. These included Touch For Health, Educational Kinesiology, Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology, Applied Physiology and N.O.T.

In 1986, my own program called, Integrative Kinesiology, was developed, and I also established my own training organization called International Institute for Total Mind-Body Integration™ which is registered with Australian Traditional Medicine Society (A.T.M.S) as a Kinesiology Training Institute.

Along with a colleague from Brisbane, Anna McRobert, I founded the first Touch For Health Association in Queensland in 1982 after becoming one of the first Touch For Health Instructors in Australia in the same year. I was a Founding Member and Director of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd, which was incorporated in August 1998 and became affiliated with A.T.M.S in March 1999.

I enjoy teaching and sharing the amazing N.O.T. with many students and mentoring practitioners, which I have done since 1992 here in Australia    and overseas. I continue to feel privileged to have met and studied with   Carl first hand when those students progress to attain their Diploma of Proficiency. That is what Carl wanted - proficient and competent N.O.T. practitioners.

With my fellow Certified Instructor, Jennifer Kusmenko, I am continuing to teach N.O.T. as the way Carl developed it. Further, whilst maintaining the integrity of the teaching program as the way he stipulated it, we have expanded it much further and are now teaching this work worldwide through The Academy of Applied Bio-Neurology Australasia®.

The future of N.O.T. looks very bright and no doubt Carl would have been very proud. He issued a written authority in 1992 giving me permission to   use N.O.T. protocols and materials in relation to teaching his work. I have done that since and will continue to do so.

In February 2006, Jennifer Kusmenko and I finally introduced N.O.T. to New Zealand. Jennifer and I introduced N.O.T. to U.A.E. and Indonesia also.

  Danny Liddell M.A.I.K

Director Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies
CEO of Kinesiology Schools Australia

Danny Liddell is an award winning practitioner. He has studied many advanced techniques and systems under many of the leading names in the industry.

Presently Danny is the CEO of Kinesiology Schools Australia nationally and Dean of Kinesiology Schools Australia’s Brisbane and Gold Coast Campuses. He is Senior Faculty member of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice.

He is well respected within the health industry and over the years has been   a lecturer at Kinesiology Schools Australia, the Australian College of Natural Medicine, the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and the Academy of Natural Health. He has been a committee member of both the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

He has written a number of articles published in newspapers and magazines on a number of occasions and has been interviewed on radio.

Danny is a specialist in the Professional Kinesiology Program (PKP), Neural Organization   Therapy (N.O.T.), Hyperton-X (Sports Kinesiology), Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (L.E.A.P.).   He has often been asked to do lectures and talks at Health Expos.

Over the years Danny has been a contributing factor to many top athletes from representative players to elite sportsman representing Queensland   and Australia. 

Danny will be co-teaching Basic & Advanced Hyperton-X and N.O.T. (Neural Organization Therapy) classes with Trevor Savage ND in 2013.


Jennifer Kusmenko
(N.O.T. Diplomate, Certified Instructor,

Like so many other kinesiology practitioners I became aware of kinesiology through my own health issues and those of my husband. Little did I know that I would end up helping others in dis-tress, be it Emotional or Physical, down the track. Kinesiology appealed to me as it seemed to look at issues at the CAUSES and not just the SYMPTOMS, providing longer lasting “Balance”.

I believe all EFFECTS have a CAUSE.

Kinesiology as a healing modality has proven to be a missing link in the path to good health. Using muscle checking identifying stressors is possible, be they physical, nutritional, emotional or spiritual, and thereby facilitating changes to allow the body to heal itself. Health issues, relationship problems, learning difficulties and direction in life are all challenges which can be positively influenced by the use of Kinesiology. By understanding how the total body should be integrated, one can find deficits and energy imbalances and "make a difference on purpose in a person's life."

I am now enjoying my new position as a Facilitator and Instructor of Kinesiology, especially the N.O.T. courses, Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology, both re-written and revised by Trevor Savage ND, the Vice President of N.O.T International (Australasia).

It is a role I cherish as I am now able to continue spreading the message of hope to many people with unresolved life issues and health problems in many countries around the world. [Jennifer has since retired from active teaching.]